The Art of Amy Crehore

New: 2015 Crehore concert ukulele Tickler # 3 Twitch (above)
MORE PHOTOS: LINK Built from scratch by Lou Reimuller,
designed from scratch by Amy Crehore and hand-painted with original design.

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In 2007, Amy Crehore painted her first fine art "Tickler" ukulele, PHOTOS: LINK
In 2009, her Tickler Uke #2 (pineapple model below) was finished (designed by Crehore 
and built from scratch by luthier Lou Reimuller). MORE PHOTOS: Follow this link.

Also, Crehore's collection of 13 hand-painted, restored vintage ukes,
"Tickleroos" , were featured in her fine art solo show, "Dreamgirls and Ukes"
in Los Angleles, CA in Feb/March 2009:
LINK  to close-ups, 
plus two more antique ukes just added (2011).
Special Tickler Ukulele Artist T-shirts are available here

In the 1990's, Amy Crehore played in a band called the "Hokum Scorchers" with
Lou Reimuller (creator of Teenar Girl Guitar). Here she is with a washboard
and Lou is playing his Style 0 1933 National guitar.
They played blues, rags and hokum music from the 1920's-1950's at Bumbershoot,
the Seattle Folk Festival and other NW venues such as Ken Kesey's events. 

NEW! HOKUM SCORCHERS on soundcloud.


Band featured on Boingboing! (8/17/11) GWEEK 014 podcast features song "You May Go" (8/30/11)

 Gweek 015 boingboing's podcast  features song, "Pick Poor Robin Clean" (9/5/11)

Gweek 015 boingboing's podcast features "I Got Your Ice Cold NuGrape" (9/19/11)

"Let Me Play With Your Poodle" originally by Hudson Woodbridge (a.k.a. Tampa Red) 1942. 

NuGrape Song from 1926 performed by the Hokum Scorchers

In the 1980's, Amy Crehore published a comic book called "Boys and Girls Grow Up" with Tom
Campagnoli in Richmond, VA. There were five issues (1981-1985) - distributed by Last Gasp.
Shown here are the front covers by Amy Crehore of "Boys and Girls Grow Up" numbers 4 and 5.

Peter Bagge review in WEIRDO #13: "A bunch of friends get together and say, 'Let's make a comic book',
and what a great comic book! This is REAL folk art, folks, edited by Tom Campagnoli and Amy Crehore,
who did the beautiful color covers."

See more comic covers and read about "Boys and Girls Grow Up" and 
The Hokum Scorchers on Little Hokum Rag. Read all about Tickler Ukuleles, too.