The Art of Amy Crehore

(Amy Crehore -middle- with collectors John Radzik and Audrey Wells at art opening in Santa Monica, CA in 2006)

Amy Crehore was born in the mountains of Virginia and grew up in the suburbs
of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. She returned to Virginia to attend V.C.U.,
earning a B. F. A. in Communication Arts and Design. After living on the east
coast for many years (and a short while in England),
she moved out west to Oregon in the late 1980s.

Crehore has participated in gallery and museum shows since the late 1970s and she
illustrated for famous American magazines and book publishers since the early 1990s.

She has won competitive awards in the fine arts (WESTAF,
Portland Art Museum, Virginia Museum of Fine Arts -to name just a few)
as well as in design/illustration arts 
(Communication Arts, American Illustration,
Society of Illustrators, Museum of American Illustration).

Amy Crehore's art reveals a love of old music and the history of art and design.
Her works are poetic, intuitive narratives with touches of humor and sensuality.
Some of her favorite painters are Giotto, Picasso, Felix Vallotton, Felice Casorati,
Goya, Bosch, Edouard Vuillard, Antonio Donghi, and Balthus.

Top magazines such as The Atlantic Monthly, Business Week, ESPN Magazine, Esquire, 
Forbes, GQ, The Los Angeles Times, MS., The New York Times, Outside, Playboy, 
Prevention, Redbook, Rolling Stone, Texas Monthly
 (and many more) have featured 
her paintings since 1991. Playboy alone commissioned her regularly for 11 years.

Amy Crehore's iconic image of Jewel 
and Alanis Morissette is included
in the anthology book "ROLLING STONE: 
The Illustrated Portraits" (Chronicle Books, 2000).
The original painting is part of 
Jann Wenner's collection (image above).
Her work is collected by many
notable people living in various cities around the world.

In the spring of 2005, ten of Crehore's "Little Pierrot" series paintings were
selected by the prestigious "American Illustration" jury (NYC). In the fall of that year,
three of Crehore's "Monkey Love" paintings made a splash at the very first "Blab! Show"
at Track 16 Gallery (Santa Monica, CA). Boing Boing began to feature her art regularly.

("Backstage" from the Little Pierrot Series 2004, 2005)

In 2006, Crehore exhibited eight more paintings in the second "Blab!Show"
(CoproNason Gallery, Santa Monica, CA). The show sold out and "The Banana Eater"
painting was published by Fantagraphics in "Blab! 17". Crehore also took part in 
six other shows earlier that year (exhibiting a total of 14 works) at Applegate Gallery
(Santa Monica, CA), Roq La Rue Gallery (Seattle, WA) and M Modern Gallery
(Palm Springs, CA).

In 2007, she participated in Mark Murphy's "GREEN Show" at Robert Berman Gallery
(Santa Monica, CA), the "KNOW Exhibition" at Art Basel Miami (Miami, FLA),
"Literartistry" & "Charity by Numbers" at Corey Helford Gallery (Culver City, CA), 
and the "Venus" Show at Roq La Rue Gallery (Seattle, WA). 

(Seven paintings at Ad Hoc Gallery in Brooklyn, NY 2008)

In Jan. 2008, Crehore took part in the "Deep Pop" Show at Iona College
(New Rochelle, NY). In February, 
Pressure Printing
released her Banana Eater painting
as a limited edition framed print. In the summer of 2008, she exhibited seven paintings at
Ad Hoc Art Gallery (Brooklyn, NY) and five more at M Modern
(Palm Springs and Las Vegas). Crehore was represented by both Murphy Design
and Thinkspace Gallery at Art Basel Miami in Dec, 2008.

(One of the walls at Thinkspace Gallery, Amy Crehore's Solo Show, Los Angeles, CA 2009)

On Feb. 13, 2009, Amy Crehore opened her long-awaited solo show in Los Angeles
at Thinkspace 
Gallery. The show was called "Dreamgirls and Ukes". Crehore exhibited 
15 new paintings and 13 hand-painted, restored antique ukuleles, echoing the themes
of the paintings (photo above). She executed a mural on the front wall of the gallery 
and The Hokum Scorchers (Crehore's band), played 1920's blues/rags/jugband music
on opening night. (See
 .) The following night, Crehore took part in the "Movers
and Shakers" group show at POVevolving Gallery in Chinatown, L.A.

(A version of Crehore's "Monkey Love" paintings, this one for her solo show in Los Angeles 2009)

In the spring of 2009, Amy Crehore was part of a Pop Surrealism show at 
The Shore Institute of Contemporary Art in Long Branch, NJ. That summer she exhibited at 
a San Diego Comic-con event.

In the last few years
, Amy has participated in shows at Last Rites & Marianne Boesky
Galleries in NYC as well as group shows in CA and Italy.
Most recently, Parlor Gallery in Asbury Park, NJ and Jiro Miura Gallery in Tokyo, Japan have
shown her works (2015). Upcoming shows include the Blab! show in Santa Monica, CA  
and LAX/ORD in Chicago, both in Sept. 2016. LINK
She will also be included in another show in Tokyo in 2017.

Please see "News" for the most up-to-date events. Also, see CV (top "ABOUT" menu).

(Collection of restored, hand-painted antique "Tickler" ukuleles from "Dreamgirls and Ukes" solo show, L.A.) 
In the 1990's, Crehore played music at Northwest festivals and at author Ken Kesey's events. 
In 2007, she designed her first ukulele with
luthier/musician Lou Reimuller, 
spurred on by collecting and playing vintage musical instruments for many years.
Her latest design from scratch is the "Twitch" concert ukulele which was completed in 2015.
(See music section for links to instruments.)

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