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"A Gymnast's Memory of Fall", 12" x 14" oil on linen, Amy Crehore 2013 (SOLD)

 New! limited edition, signed prints of "Rose Quarry": New Prints 2014 
3-color letterpress print currently on sale: Shygals' Serenade

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View all of Amy's FLICKR SETS  (Photos of Fine Art shows, NYC and L.A., Ukuleles, Paintings)
View Crehore's original instrument design: TICKLER UKE NUMBER TWO 
NEW! A Tickler Concert Uke is being born!! Here's the link to the progress.

Headstock from Tickler Uke # 2, Smoking Monkey Design and Tickler Ukulele Artist T-shirt 


1/31/2014: New prints released of "Rose Quarry" LINK

12/ 19/13: "A Moonlit Ride", "Weed Smoker's Dream", "Song of the Wind",
"A Gymnast's Memory of Fall", "Cloudy Day Blues", "Homage to the Kings of Cats"
and "Checkers" -these paintings found homes with collectors in 2013.

11/25/13: New painting for book cover and prints: LINK (The Magazine's kickstarter project)

10/22/13: Update- "Twitch" Uke (Tickler #3) paint job: LINK

8/29/13: Illustration for Issue 24 August 29, 2013 The Magazine LINK

6/27/13: New paintings featured on BoingBoing 

6/13: TWO BRAND NEW PAINTINGS (See above!)

4/13: Did you know that the Hokum Scorchers are on soundcloud

4/13: Back in studio: LINK

3/13: Amy Crehore is featured on Artslant Armory Week and boingboing!

2/13: Amy Crehore does portrait of Jessica Watson for The Art of Doing book blog.

2/12/13: Important original paintings have been sold: LINK

1/13: Amy Crehore's 1996 illustration for New York Times Magazine republished by Smithsonian.

11/23/12: New prints available- Krampus silk screen + Dragonfly Vanity Waltz

10/26/12: NEW Painting: "Girl With A Fig Leaf Parasol" by Amy Crehore LINK 

9/16/12: Opening Mondo Bizzarro International group show in Salerno, Italy: LINK

9/12/12: Amy Crehore wrote essay for BoingBoing on Great Graphics Novels LINK

8/2/12: Amy Crehore wrote essay about "Utopia Parkway" book for BoingBoing: LINK

6/29/12: Opening of Kingdom Animalia, Anaheim Hills, CA 7-10pm. Read more: LINK

6/10/12: Amy Crehore wrote essay about "Ghost World" movie for BoingBoing: LINK 

4/18/12: Saber's Pick: L.A. artist Saber wrote about Amy Crehore's art (Juxtapoz contest)

3/6/12: Another New Painting "Basker's Cove" by Amy Crehore (seen on boingboing)

2/15/12: NEW PAINTING "Rose Quarry" by Amy Crehore

1/3/12:  Architects + Artisans  magazine has a new feature on Crehore/Reimuller Art Ukes

Earlier NEWS

Amy Crehore is an award-winning professional artist.
Exhibited fine art paintings: Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Portland Art Museum (OR), Museum of American Illustration (NYC), Shore Institute of Contemporary Art (NJ),
Robert Berman Gallery (Santa Monica, CA), Thinkspace Gallery (L.A.), Roq la Rue (Seattle, WA), Copro Nason (Santa Monica, CA), Track 16 (Santa Monica, CA),
Marianne Boesky (NYC), Last Rites (NYC), Ad Hoc Gallery (Brooklyn, NY), M Modern Gallery (Palm Springs and Las Vegas), Mark Murphy (Miami Basel, SD Comic-con,etc),
Corey Helford Gallery (Culver City), Applegate Gallery (Santa Monica, CA), DNFA Gallery (Pasadena, CA), Outside-In Gallery (Los Angeles, CA),
Mia Gallery (Seattle, WA), Marsh Gallery (Richmond, VA), Phillips Mill (New Hope, PA), Anderson Gallery (Richmond, VA), Gallery K (Washington, D.C.),
2nd Street Gallery (Charlottesville, VA), Corvallis Arts Center (OR), Hult Center (OR), etc.
Commissioned illustration: The Atlantic Monthly, Blab!, Business Week, ESPN Magazine, Esquire, Forbes, GQ, 
The Los Angeles Times, MS., The New York Times, Outside, Playboy, Prevention, Redbook, Rolling Stone, and Texas Monthly and many more top magazines.

Book covers with Simon and Schuster, Houghton Mifflin, Beacon, etc. Children's book-Mikaya Press.

Awards from WESTAF, Communications Arts, American Illustration, Society of Illustrators (NYC and L.A.) and more.
Featured article/interview with Amy Crehore: Inked Magazine Feb.2009
Amy Crehore was a top art pick by Village Voice July 2008, Metromix L.A. Feb 2009 
Amy is the creator of "Little Pierrot" & "Monkey Love" paintings, & Tickler Ukes. She is one half of the Hokum Scorchers Band.
Amy's "Dreamgirls and Ukes" solo show took place in Los Angeles, CA. Crehore has been regularly featured on
Seen in Juxtapoz, Inked magazine, American Illustration and Communication Arts Magazine, The Today Show and more. 

BFA - V.C.U.